Milena-Jael SILVA

Milena-Jael SILVA

Urban data scientist. Smart city and territory specialist.

Milena-Jael SILVA is an urban service data scientist and smart city/territory specialist. She has worked within public, private, and mixed-sector organizations in Latin America (Colombia) and Europe (France), focusing on urban service delivery systems such as transportation, culture, energy, gas, water, tourism, and others.

She conceives the transformation of urban services as a multifaceted process, considering at least three dimensions:

  • Technological Innovation: Guided by IoT (Internet of Things), small and large-scale data analytics.
  • Institutional Innovation: Researching new governance frameworks and organizational strategies to facilitate the integration of AI solutions into urban service systems.
  • Social Innovation: Analyzing societal dynamics and trends to develop inclusive strategies that meet the changing requirements of urban and territorial systems.

Her research interests include co-creating inclusive and interoperable smart urban service systems. She is particularly focused on the various life cycle stages of urban data projects: ideation, prototyping, data structuring, heterogeneous data acquisition, data cleaning, data analysis/modelling, data visualization, and deployment.

Her goal is to contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and water, as well as to develop AI solutions to enhance urban and territorial services.


  • Data-driven smart service systems
  • Data science, Machine Learning, Generative AI
  • Social innovation
  • Water, energy, biodiversity data analytics
  • Urban & Territorial data analytics


  • Ph.D., in Management of Urban Systems, and Territorial Data, 2018

    Grenoble-Alps University (France)

  • M. Sc. Management of Information Systems and Organisations, 2013

    Grenoble-Alps University (France)

  • BSc in Systems and Computer Engineering, 2011

    Universidad Industrial de Santander (Colombia)

  • Academic exchange program, engineering school, 2008

    École nationale supérieure d'informatique et mathématiques appliquées de Grenoble (ENSIMAG), Grenoble INP